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Blog | 5 Issues That Can Cause Your Furnace to Stop Working

1. A Bad Thermostat
Your issue could be a bad thermostat. Set your thermostat to heat instead of cool, then set it to 5 degrees above room temperature and see if the furnace comes on. If it’s not working, it could be you need new batteries. The display will go blank and the thermostat will no longer be able to operate when the batteries die.

2. Dirty Furnace Filters That Are Overdue on Being Changed
If your furnace is running yet not blowing heat this could be the issue. This is a common cause and can be resolved easily. Air filters should need to be replaced at least every three months. Always change the filters out on a regular basis. This will go a long way in keeping your furnace running.

3. Damaged Air Ducts
Your problem could be the air ducts. Check for handles that protrude from the ducts – these are dampers that control airflow. Make sure they are fully open. To find blocked or leaky ducts that could be restricting airflow, look at any ducts you can access – are there any gaps between sections of ducts or branching out points? You can buy special metal duct tape to seal the air ducts.

4. Vent Restrictions
Make sure your vents aren’t being blocked by furniture or covered by objects in your home, like drapes, plants, or wall art. A single vent being blocked can drastically reduce the amount of heat a room gets.

5. Is the Furnace Turned On?
I know it sounds simple but is your unit plugged in? All furnaces have a power switch. Look for a standard wall switch on or near the furnace and check if it’s in the on or off position. Call the company If you aren’t sure where it’s at. Check your circuit breaker or fuse for the furnace, which may have been turned off. Finally, make sure the front panel covering the blower motor is securely fastened – under it, you’ll find a push-in switch, which needs to be fully depressed for your furnace to turn on.

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