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Blog | Is it Time to service your Broken Arrow HVAC system?

Your HVAC system should be serviced by a professional at least on an annual basis. Standard central AC or a furnace units should be serviced every year as well. If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, then you'll want to schedule this service once every 6 months.

Many of our clients wonder if they should spend extra money on HVAC service. The answer is yes. Why?

You want to make sure your unit is running effectively and that there is no leaking. You certainly don’t want a carbon monoxide leak in your home. Our service can assure you of your family’s safety.

You also don’t want to pay any extra money to your utility company. Yes, it is an extra annual cost, but it could save you a lot of money over time by ruling out major repairs or doing small maintenance to keep the cost down over the winter and summer months.

your unit should last longer with annual service check-ups as its rare that larger costly repairs, and sometimes unit replacements, can be avoided.

Servicing your HVAC system is a wise, smart investment.  Call us today to visit about our Broken Arrow Heat and Air Conditioning Services.