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Blog | Spring Air Conditioning Checks

Since Oklahoma's weather goes from one extreme to another, it can be very hard on your Air Conditioning Broken Arrow and Heat and Air Broken Arrow HVAC system. Ingle Heat & Air will ensure your AC system is ready for spring and will work properly all season long.

To ensure trouble free AC operation all season long, call Ingle Heat & Air to complete an entire system check and tune-up. Ingle will provide an entire checkup including:

  1. Visual Inspection
    Potential failure warning signs can include moisture stains, rust, corrosion, overheating idications, etc... A complete visual inspection should always be at the top of your list and will be on ours.
  2. Cooling Components
    The 2 main cooling components of most systems are the evaporator coil and the drain line. Thoroughly cleaning and inspecting both will ensure that your system is working to maximum efficiency and could prevent future flooding issues.
  3. Electrical System & Components
    Your thermostat is just the beginning of the electrical components within your Air Conditioning system. Our technicians will also inspect your switches, relays, circuit boards, etc...
  4. Overall Operation
    Overall Air Conditioning operation is the final test. Form checking coolant levels to compressor functionality, our technicians will ensure that your sytem is running at peak performance.

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